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Personal training Dublin

Personal training

personal trainer in Dublin

Personal training Dublin

Within the clinic, we have a fully stocked facility to train clients for rehab and to help them reach their goals.  We don’t only work on injured people, however, we often work with sports people who want to get stronger or faster, or non-athletes who simply want to get fit, reach a goal, or just feel better about themselves.


Step By Step

One On One Consultation

A full medical, injury, and movement assessment.

Personalised Rehabilitation Plans

Each session will teach you tailored rehabilitation exercises.

Tailored Mobility & Recovery Plans

Personalised plans to help you stay injury free and improve your performance in your chosen sport.

Online Assessments

Free Zoom consultations with a therapist.

Our Happy Clients!

“Had a really satisfying and informative session with Mark. As a runner, his in-depth analysis and explanation of which was something that I needed. His expert knowledge enabled him to pinpoint and focus on my problem and his physio, although simple and straightforward enough was perfect for me to speed up recovery and heal just in time for my upcoming race events.
Highly recommended!”​

Ger Byrne

“I Strained my Calf muscle really badly only a couple of weeks prior to the Hell and Back event. Mark did an amazing job with massage, stretching and some dry needling to make me recover enough to do a 12KM obstacle course just 2 weeks after the injury!!!
He really knows his stuff…we call him “The Muscle Whisperer” :)”​

Steven Doyle

“I’ve only been to see Mark twice so far and already the difference is unbelievable. I’ve had chronic lower back pain for the guts of two years. I’ve seen god knows how many physios/osteos and even dabbled in spinal decompression. Nothing was working. Mark showed me a different way of approaching it that I thought was mad at the beginning but now is really benefiting me. Highly recommend you pay him a visit if my story sounds familiar to you!”​

Danny Walsh

“Mark provided an excellent service to me (and my running legs). Getting ready for my marathon, tightness kicked in and knee pain after. Mark was a great source of advice and resources, as well as his physio message. I felt he treated the whole body not just the tightness I was experiencing and it was a refreshing approach. I would be happy to recommend him to fellow runners. I will be back to Mark for his excellent service should the need arise!”​

Michelle McCafferty

“I had a nasty groin injury prior to a football match and Mark worked wonders on it and got me back to full speed in no time. Thoroughly recommended…..”​

Damien Clarke

“Highly recommend Mark. I’ve been to him with 2 different injuries which he treated thoroughly. Only one session needed on both occasions with full recovery from both injuries. I’ve been to many sports therapists/physios over the years and he’s up there as one of the best.”​

Darren Dempsey

“Mark is an excellent sports therapist, utilising a number of techniques and assessments to get to the route cause of any issues you are having. Delivering a very thoughtful approach to treatment including long term maintenance for you to carry out to get you back to your best. Highly recommend Mark!”​

Dave Barry

“Very professional and thorough analysis of the route cause of the problem. Thanks to Mark I am back playing football pain free. I would definitely recommend Mark for any sports injury.”​

Derek Hennessy

“Having been to several different physios for recurring back issues, I went to Mark and after a couple of sessions, I was back running and hurling again with no pain for the first time in a long time.
I’ve often been treated to relieve the pain of an injury but this was the first time someone took the time to work at the root cause of why this injury was happening and what the source of it was.
Mark went through my injury history from years ago and and didn’t just help me recover from my back injury but worked on lots of other minor issues that were all contributing to reduced movement and mobility, which has had a massive impact on my ability to train more regularly, at a higher intensity and all without pain or tightness that I had been putting up with for years!
Everything he did, he explained the process and what was happening in a really clear way so I knew why I was doing certain exercises and what the short, medium and long term goals were so it was far easier to engage with rehab.
I can’t recommend Mark highly enough for the time and effort he puts in during sessions but, on top of that, the research he does in between sessions is second to none!”​

Brian Fox

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